Steelers: James Harrison’s latest workout is the craziest


Sometimes when you see one of your favorite athletes in training mode it inspires you to get ouside, get your body moving and shed some pounds and/or build some muscle. And yet every time I see James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steeelers post one of his workouts on Instagram it just makes me want to curl up into a ball, watch Netflix marathons and never attempt anything remotely aerobic again.

Of course NFL players and professional athletes have more rigorous workouts than the average citizen, but Harrison takes his to a whole new level.

Check out the latest entry into Harrison’s dungeon of terrifying exercise clips, which he posted early this morning:

When it makes James Harrison scream like that, you know it hurts.

One can only wonder what would happen if even a dedicated weekend warrior who plays 7 on 7 even in the rain tried that same lift. Most likely their arms would pop right out of their sockets, along with their eyeballs. Frankly they might be lucky if that’s all they lost.

The really scary thing is that this is probably not Harrison’s toughest workout.

The more I watch this extreme core workout the more I think it may be even more difficult than the one at the top:

Unthinkable. How does any human body pull that off?

For many years Harrison’s workouts were something of an urban legend but thanks to the era of social media we all now get to see how the sausage is made, so to speak.

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It’s incredible to see Harrison in this kind of shape at 37 years old. How does he do it?

Back in June, he spilled the beans on his workout routine to Chris Adamski of the Pittburgh Tribune-Review. Apparently all you have to do is workout six days a week, working different muscle groups each day, oh and make sure to get an extra pool workout in on your day off:

Crazy. Harrison might play until he’s 45.