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The Steelers are officially on summer vacation as the offseason workout program wrapped up and they won’t come back together until reporting to training camp later this month.

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Steelers season never really ends for Steeler nation so while the Steelers players get their minds and bodies right to embark on the 2016 regular season we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Sunday, July 17th.

Two is better than one

In a move we didn’t really get to see last season because of Le’Veon Bell’s suspension and then injury the Steelers offense is tinkering with the idea of putting both Bell and DeAngelo Williams on the field at the same time, according to Mike Prisuta.

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I feel like everyone’s eyes just lit up after reading that sentence. Williams erased any doubts of what he could contribute to the team whilst filling in for Bell during the first two games of last season and then when Bell tore his MCL and PCL mid-season.

To put them on the field together, given Bell’s abilities to catch the ball out of the backfield you’ll give a whole lot of defensive coordinators matchup nightmares this season. Sweet.

Health is the key to wealth

It seems if there is one common goal for the teams of the AFC North for the 2016 season it would be to stay healthy. Well, Cleveland would like to stay above .500 I’m sure but that’s their own struggle. ESPN’s Eric Karabell reminds us how short-lived the Johnny Manziel era was in Cleveland.

It was also destined for failure. I’m sure the RGIII era will go off without a hitch. The other teams like Ravens, Bengals and Steelers are hoping that their key players can stay on the field this season. The Ravens were decimated with injuries last year and had their worst season under Jon Harbaugh.

So they signed Trent Richardson and Mike Wallace this offseason; brilliant move. Karabell predicts the Bengals are the team best set up to withstand the 16-game grind all the way to a division title.

Steelers meh fan base?

I certainly don’t need to tell yinz that the Steelers’ fan base is by and large the best one out there. We’re passionate, loyal, loud, knowledgeable and we’re everywhere.

Even with all of that and the standard “Steelers fans really do travel well” line that is said for every nationally televised away game there was a study done by a professor at Emory University on NFL fan bases and the Steelers fans ranked 18th.

Michael Lewis, owner of the study, wrote a blog detailing his results and explained that the result about the Steelers even puzzled him. The factors that contributed to the results included ticket price and the Steelers price their home games lower than market value, based on his study.

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Re-watch the Steelers games in San Diego and St. Louis last year and then tell me what your study is supposed to calculate.