Steelers Week 9 Recap: Stairway to Nevermind

Dec 27, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) drops back to pass during the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Baltimore Ravens defeated Pittsburgh Steelers 20-17. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 27, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) drops back to pass during the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Baltimore Ravens defeated Pittsburgh Steelers 20-17. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

The Steelers went to Baltimore and almost predictably blew it against a mediocre team like the Ravens. This was not a Super Bowl team. Stairway to nevermind.

The Steelers played an awful, terrible game. With a healthy lineup they went to a mediocre Baltimore team that has lost 4 straight and hasn’t beat, or even played, a good opponent all year. They lost. Not only did they lose, but they made fools of themselves. I don’t want to be harsh. It’s not the end of the season. But it’s absolutely the end of assuming we’ll just march to the Super Bowl.

It’s the end of that because during this game, and not for the first time, the offense was shut down. The premise of the Steelers Super Bowl hopes is that their offense is unstoppable. Clearly it is not. Pittsburgh has too long played poorly against poor teams. This is a trend. It’s a habit. So stairway to nevermind. Forget about the Super Bowl until the coaches figure out how to beat losing teams.

1st Quarter

The Steelers recieved the kickoff and went three and out. Get used to that. The Ravens got the punt and managed to get a 1st down but they also punted shortly after. Then Pittsburgh went three and out.

Flacco connected with Steve Smith for a 30 yard catch. Mike Wallace got one for 10 yards. Then Artie Burns got himself his first interception and probably saved the Steelers from a score.

Pittsburgh moved it 15 yards with a pass to David Johnson. Then, despite completions to both James and Bell, the Steelers couldn’t overcome their own penalties and punted.

Next up, the Ravens did pretty much the only thing their offense is capable of, long pass plays. Mike Wallace took it 95 yards for a touchdown, assisted by some poor tackling from the Steelers. Longest pass play in Ravens history. Ravens up 7-0.

Can you guess how the Steelers responded? Three and out.

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2nd Quarter

Shazier forced a fumble to start the quarter on defense. The Pittsburgh defense did a decent job all night. The Ravens couldn’t make up the yards in the next two downs and had to punt.

You’re going to feel like you have deja vu here. The Steelers went three and out. It started with a facemask and never got back on its feet.

The Steelers defense started with a face mask penalty. Shortly after they got an illegal use of hands. Then the Ravens got a holding penalty. Then the Steelers got a roughing the kicker penalty. The Ravens got into Pittsburgh territory from the 12 on pretty much penalties alone. The Steelers tightened up though and the Ravens were forced to punt.

Three and out.

The Pittsburgh defense held strong and forced the Ravens to punt.

Three and out.

The Ravens scraped together a first down and then Artie Burns got a pass interference call. Flacco threw a pair of passes to Perriman totally 27 yards. The Ravens were stalled by a holding penalty of their own and the Steelers returned the favor with a 5 yarder of their own.  Then the Ravens kicked a field goal. Ravens up 10-0.

3rd Quarter

So the Steelers started the 3rd quarter with a penalty. They had to kick twice. Obviously some great halftime adjustments went on. Thanks to a penalty and a nice tackle by Shazier, who had a nice game, the Ravens were looking at 2nd and 24. Then a 12 yard pass and 14 yard scramble. They had to punt three plays later though, Flacco had left the game temporarily.

Three and out. Like I said, dynamite halftime adjustments.

Then the Ravens had their own three and out thanks to a James Harrison sack. The Steelers gave it right back with an interception. The Ravens couldn’t do much with it but they did get a field goal out of it. Ravens up 13-0.

Pittsburgh goes three and out.

The Ravens did get a first down out of the next series but another sack by James Harrison forced a punt.

4th Quarter

The Steelers went three and out again. You thought you were tired of punts right? Well, let’s see if you can’t hate punts a little more. The punt was blocked and recovered for a touchdown. And a pass to Steve Smith for 2 points. Ravens up 21-0.

Somehow though, in a ridiculous drive marked by penalties and 2 fumbles, Pittsburgh moved the ball down the field. Antonio Brown caught a 30 yard pass and Eli Rogers got himself involved. Next thing you know, Ben Roethlisberger threw 23 yards to Antonio Brown for a touchdown. Ravens up 21-7.

The Baltimore went three and out.

Ben threw it 10 yards to Grimble. Then Rogers had a 30 yard catch of his own. Antonio Brown caught one for 12 yards. Then Rogers again for 22, and Brown for 10. The Steelers got down to their 13 yard line when Ben was sacked for -12. Turnover on downs on the next play.

At this point there was 3 minutes in the game. Ravens went three and out.

Then Roethlisberger threw it up 29 yards for Rogers. Ben chipped away with Bell until he got to the 4 yard line. He scrambled in for the rest and scored a touchdown. Ravens up 21-14.

With only 48 seconds left the Steelers had the most ridiculous onside kick you’ve ever seen. They did not recover it. Game over.

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This one is on the coaches. They players were not ready to play. The game plan was bad. Sloppy and unprepared. Forget the Super Bowl. It still might happen, but the Steelers are not in a league with the Pats or, heck, even the Cowboys. The goal should be the playoffs at this point. The Steelers need to redeem themselves.