Steelers at Colts: Five questions with the enemy


The Steelers head to Indianapolis to feast on some Colts for Thanksgiving.

Throughout the season Still Curtain will team up with the opposing team from the FanSided Network to get a little intel and perhaps do a little predicting and/or trash talking for the upcoming game.

Today we have Evan Reller of Horseshoe Heroes, the Indianapolis Colts-themed site from the FanSided Network. Evan is here bringing us the info on the Thanksgiving showdown as well as his thoughts on Andrew Luck. He also provides us with a prediction for the game with score.

Both the Steelers and Colts seem to be in similar positions at 5-5 in divisions that are crappy enough to still be within reach to win. Who would you say needs to win this game more?

"I’d say the Colts, since they’re a game back in the division and basically have to win the AFC South to make the postseason. The Colts also have a few tough road games down the stretch (at Minnesota, at Oakland) and need to steal either one of those or this one against the Steelers. Being at home makes that easier, but no Andrew Luck makes it impossible. Which is about right for this season."

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How patient are Colts fans with Andrew Luck and Chuck Pagano to reach their expectations? How bad would it suck if they both turned out to be busts and unable to win big games?

"Despite Luck have the best season of his career, some fans want to label him as a bum or overrated. He’s still a top 10 QB in the NFL, especially when the Colts run a no-huddle offense (which they don’t do often enough). Luck desperately needs better coaching (as in, someone who will actually call him on his mistakes and coach them out of him).As for Pagano, an awful lot of people want him fired (along with GM Ryan Grigson) and for good reason. Pagano isn’t a very good head coach and fails to play to his team’s meager strengths. He needs to commit to being aggressive on offense and stop trusting his defense, but he’s incredibly stubborn and almost refuses to change his approach. But that doesn’t cover up the fact that this is a very flawed roster."

Ben Roethlisberger has like a thousand touchdowns against the Colts in the last two seasons but both of those games were at home. Can the Colts defense shut him down at Lucas Oil Stadium?

"No. Their secondary is mediocre, the linebackers can’t cover, and there is zero pass rush. This is probably a worse defense than the ones the Steelers faced the past two seasons. Their best bet is that Roethlisberger gets hurt on his way to the stadium (which probably wouldn’t matter anyway since he’d just tough it out and throw four touchdowns)."

What is your Turkey Day/Game Day strategy? Do you eat and cleanup before kickoff or have a late dinner to be able to get down on some turkey legs during the game?

"Eating pregame (traditional 3pm “dinner” probably) then watching the game. Possibly with some halftime leftovers."

What is your prediction with score for the game?

"A lot to a little. If Luck doesn’t play (highly likely) there is no way the Colts can keep up with Scott Tolzien at QB. With an inferior defense, Roethlisberger and company will likely have a field day Thursday night. 35-10, Steelers."

There you have it Steeler Nation. What would you have asked differently? Check out Horseshoe Heroes for my answers to Evan’s questions.

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