Steelers Game Day Grub: Christmas Braciole

The Steelers have a chance to give themselves the Christmas gift of the AFC North Championship with a win over Baltimore on Christmas Day.

I don’t know about you but I’m hungry for some real AFC North rival football. Not that cheap-shot nonsense the Bengals do. This is real rivalry game with playoff implications and where legendary plays are made.

It’s also Christmas Day so there’s a good chance you’re not doing your typical football fare for the game. This is the year we’re spending all of our holidays with the Steelers so hopefully you have planned accordingly.

We already took care of the Colts on Thanksgiving and were able to feast on a tasty day-after Thanksgiving sammich courtesy of the Game Day Grub. Me and my Game Day Grub Chef Jenn wouldn’t let you down for this most festive holidays.

While Ben Roethlisberger is connecting with Antonio Brown for the new and improved version of the helmet catch you can be dining on some delicious food in between slamming fist full of cookies in your face.

We made for you a fancy, but approachable steak braciole. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Make it super easy on yourself by using a good quality roast beef lunch meat. You’re cooking it all with the gravy anyway so why not?

Here are the steps to make your Christmas Braciole:

You can make this ahead of time and transport it in a slow cooker to either your Aunt Chee Chee’s house or Heinz Field, wherever you may be spending your Christmas dinner and watching the Steelers. If you’re going to family’s house just make sure you go to the ones with the best cookies.

Cookies are important.

Steeler football is also important. Normally Christmas dinner is a TV-off kind of deal but certainly this is an exception.

This is a tough game but Pittsburgh is definitely improved from the team that lost to Baltimore in Week 9. The Ravens have a tough defense but they’ve allowed a ton of passing yards against them in their last two games. A healthy Ben Roethlisberger will be the difference maker this week.

From all of us at Still Curtain to all of Steeler Nation we wish you a Merry Christmas and enjoy the game and the grub!

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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