NFL Playoffs 2017: Picking the Divisional Round Games


The NFL Playoffs have featured some not-so-close games but the Divisional Round will be a much different animal entirely.

Well we didn’t do too well last week going one of three with Wild card picks. It was an odd week as all four favorites won in convincing fashion. The Steelers played a very nice game against Miami, and have a much tougher test this week. The game was moved to 8:20PM on Sunday due to potential weather issues in Kansas City.

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The game against the Chiefs has the Over / Under at 44 points. This should be much more of a defensive game as Ben Roethlisberger has produced fewer points on the road all season. I’m taking the under on the game.

SATURDAY: 4:35PM – Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons (-5.0)

All week I have been thinking Seattle on this one. I always look at Quarterback play and playoff experience when it comes to choosing a winner, and Seattle has a lot of experience in the post season in recent years. Atlanta though may finally have the team to make a playoff push. Matt Ryan is having an MVP worthy season and the offense is versatile and loaded with weapons. PICK: ATLANTA.

SATURDAY: 8:15PM – Houston Texans @ New England Patriots (-15.0)

A fifteen point spread in the playoffs is enormous, and insulting if you support the Texans, but they have only beaten the Patriots once since joining the NFL. They have also never won at Foxborough.

With the way Houston played defense last week you would think they could cover tonight. The Patriots though have steamrolled teams all season and have had an extra week to prepare for this game. PICK: NEW ENGLAND

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SUNDAY: 4:40 PM – Green Bay Packers  @ Dallas Cowboys (-4.5)

The Cowboys have had an exceptional season. They have two rookie stars in Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, but again experience and Quarterback play could very well be the difference. I think this could be a game decided by a field goal. PICK: GREEN BAY.