Pittsburgh Steelers fan rooting guide: Wildcard Weekend

SANTA CLARA, CA - DECEMBER 24: Leonard Fournette
SANTA CLARA, CA - DECEMBER 24: Leonard Fournette /

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the higher seed next week of the winners of this AFC Wild Card weekend. Here is a look at the matchups and who Steeler fans should be rooting for.

Titans vs. Chiefs (Saturday at 4:30pm Eastern Time)

The Steelers beat both of these opponents during the regular season; so, if they were to play either of these teams, the Steelers would be the favorite. The Kansas City Chiefs have had a strong start followed by a mediocre season after Week six. The Tennessee Titans also had a good season and were the top wild card spot. I would root for the Chiefs in this one for two reasons. The first reason is that the Steelers beat the Chiefs the past three seasons and seem to have their number. The second reason is that although the Steelers beat the Titans pretty bad the past two matchups, Dick Lebeau is on the Titans staff and he is the architect of the Steelers defense. If anybody understands the Steelers defense other than Keith Butler, it is Dick Lebeau. This could lead to an upset if the Titans know the Steelers well.

Bills vs. Jaguars (Sunday at 1:05pm Eastern Time)

Now the Bills making the playoffs is somewhat unprecedented, but them making it any farther would just be an even bigger shock. The Bills have not been to the playoffs in years past and so they will be new to this level of competition. The Bills are clearly the weaker team of the two and would be a much easier opponent for the Steelers. The problem is that if they win, they play the Patriots who are the Steelers biggest threat. On the other hand, the Bills know the Patriots and may be able to give them a run for their money being in the same division.

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The main reason to root for the Jaguars is that the Steeler got crushed by them. The Steelers would have to face a very good defense in the divisional round. If the Bills win, they will play either the Titans or the Chiefs which are both teams the Steelers beat. So, even though the Bill might be an easier opponent for the Patriots, it would be harder for the Steelers to advance to the AFC Championship if the Jaguars won.