Top 2 positions the Pittsburgh Steelers need to target in the NFL Draft


The Pittsburgh Steelers may be a Super Bowl favorite, but they still need to focus on the 2018 NFL Draft.

Let’s start by looking at positions the Steelers might need to fill next year.  When it comes to the Quarterback position, Pittsburgh is stuck with an aging Ben Roethlisberger and an unproven Landry Jones and Joshua Dobbs. Not to say Ben can’t still play his 22 touchdowns this season and 14 interceptions show he can. If it wasn’t for that very bad game against a really good Jacksonville Jaguars defense in week 5.Where Ben threw five picks, he would be having a really solid year.Ben did not feel very good after that game which you can see by his comment after the game.

There is a lot of great Quarterback’s to choose from this year so let’s takes a look.

So looking at the QB position is not out of the question on Draft Day. Lamar Jackson looks like he would be a good fit. He has the will and drive to win. Having 69 touchdowns and only 27 interceptions. In his three years at Louisville and being the on the field leader the Steelers would need to replace Ben. Jacksons feet could be an added weapon. Ben doesn’t give you his speed and elusiveness could change the aspect of their offense for sure.

Running back is prob the deepest position in college so picking one shouldn’t be that hard.

When it comes to the running back position, and Le’Veon Bell who some may say won’t be in the black and yellow next year. Let’s be honest if he doesn’t get paid what he is looking for.

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There is still a chance he will check out the free agent market. So getting that solid every down back will be a focal point. There’s a good RB coming out of Auburn Kerryon Johnson. That is a lot like Bell is most ways. Johnson can take big hits and can be a workhorse of the offense. His great vision and he runs downhill makes him hard to bring down. His 5.0 yards per carry over 1,300 yards and 17 touchdowns is what the Steelers might me in the market for if they can’t make a deal with Bell happen.