Pittsburgh Steelers: Le’Veon Bell isn’t a problem and money shouldn’t make him one


For some reason some Pittsburgh Steelers fans want to believe that Le’Veon Bell has become more of an issue than a solution. That isn’t the case.

Le’Veon Bell may not be handling this money situation the best. But honestly, what is the best way to go about this? You touch the ball nearly 400 times a season, basically lead the NFL in rushing yards and yet again convince half of Steelers Nation you deserve money.

So, you can earn the money, but you can’t ask for it? As sad as that is, it’s true. Pittsburgh knows Bell is worth every penny. The entire NFL knows Bell is worthy every penny. The only thing in the way is their refusal to give it to him.

The Steelers are on the verge of a Super Bowl. No one knows what happened this year. Jacksonville shouldn’t have beaten Pittsburgh, but that’s behind us, and it’s on to a new year. One this team needs Le’Veon Bell in.

Take away Bell and Pittsburgh loses 1,291 rushing and 655 receiving yards. Pittsburgh loses the ability to run play action as effectively. They probably lose a game against the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The only reasonable issue with all of this is the money. Bell wants somewhere around $30 million guaranteed through the first two years. Okay. Give it to him. Create a contract where Bell gets his $30 million, whether it’s through a large signing bonus or guaranteed money.

Then find your way out.

Build the contract with an “escape plan.” After two years, if Bell isn’t playing as effectively, James Conner is ready to take over, or something else gives reason to move on, have it in the contract to pull out. That way, Pittsburgh puts the ball in Bell’s hand to stay or not.

If they give him what he’s asking for and he isn’t satisfied, that’s fine. Have him retire, test out James Conner or draft/sign a running back. At least the move is on him.

Bell has earned the respect of Pittsburgh and he deserves what he’s asking for. As a running back with a history of injuries, there needs to be a way for the Steelers to play it safe as well. But giving Bell his money and allowing him to make the decision is the right move.

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No one is a “problem” when it comes to this situation. Pittsburgh needs to give in a little and Bell needs to see he’s not worth a billion dollars. Find middle ground. For the sake of a 2018 Super Bowl run, there needs to be compromise.