So, how do Pittsburgh Steelers fans handle the Super Bowl?


In Nick Foles we trust?

Some how, some way, the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t in the Super Bowl. But the Nick Foles is?

2018 is getting weird. We’re 22 days in and already, Blake Bortles almost made it to a Super Bowl, and Nick Foles… did?

Yep, weird.

December 31, 2017, every Steelers fan in the world thought Pittsburgh was Super Bowl bound. The world is in our hands, and this was the year Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were watching the big game from their couch, crying on each other’s shoulders.

14 days later, Blake Bortles drops 45 points on the Steelers and for a second, people truly believed we were about to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars in Super Bowl LIII.

That same weekend, a Nick Foles-led Eagles and Case Keenum-led Vikings win NFC Divisional rounds over Drew Brees and Matt Ryan? WHAT?

2018 was getting wild.

Now, we’re here. Less than 24 hours past one of the craziest Championship Weekends in years. Literally, for nearly three whole quarters, everyone except the Patriots thought there was a chance Blake Bortles was actually going to pull off a win. Then, Nick Foles comes on and becomes an elite NFL quarter.

Don’t start freaking out if you woke up this morning unsure of what’s real. I, a long with thousands of fans, checked Twitter 1,000 times this morning trying to talk myself out of this nightmare.

But we’re here. It’s the Patriots and the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Sad, I know, but it’s just something we need to live with.

So, here’s my advice; I don’t have any.

Chances are Philly isn’t coming out of this with a win. And as unfortunate as it is, rooting for the Patriots isn’t even an option. Honestly, I’d root for the Browns before the Patriots at this point. Which leaves us with one option – root Eagles and spend most of our Super Bowl Sunday disappointed and depressed.

It’s not going to be fun unless the Eagles pull it off. Which, by the way, if they do, it’ll be one of the best Super Bowls to watch as an outside team fan. But it’s probably not going to happen.

I feel bad for doing this, but it’s the sad reality. 2018 isn’t a fan of Pittsburgh and quiet frankly, we aren’t the biggest fan of it.

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So, crack open a cold one, find a chair comfortable enough to calm yourself every time Tom Brady throws a touchdown and keep that terrible towel near by. This year might be a bust, but just remember, 2019 is only 343 days away.