But what about Johnny Manziel and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 13: Quarterback Johnny Manziel
CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 13: Quarterback Johnny Manziel /

Comeback season is here, and Johnny Football is looking to make his way back to the NFL. But could he be a realistic option for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The last time Johnny Manziel was in the NFL he was a cocky, party-driven quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who wouldn’t even of saw the field is he wasn’t in Cleveland. To no surprise, he never made it three seasons in the league before finding himself in rehab facilities.

For two years, Johnny Football’s name was nothing more than a laughing stock to the world of sports. His ESPN headlines were about him sneaking into casinos dressed as someone else, yelling at fans at parties and pictures of him supporting the dad-bod trend harder than ever.

His name since Texas A&M has become a joke to the NFL, unfortunately. When you take a nosedive as bad as Manziel did, it’s nearly impossible to bounce back up. Especially as a quarterback.

Johnny is trying, though. He’s created #ComebackSZN, showing all his training videos and offseason achievements as he works towards an NFL comeback.

For the first time since he broke onto the scene as a Heisman winner for the Aggies, Manziel looks like he’s trying to turn his life around. How well he’s actually staying away from the club scene can only be predicted by his social media, but from the looks of it, Johnny Football is on the right track.

One of the most interesting things you’d notice from Manziel’s social media is that he’s very close with Joe Haden. The Steelers corner has made it known for years that he believes in Manziel and continues to show support through his own social media accounts with pictures and tweets.

Leaving the question – what about Manziel with the Steelers?

Right now, Manziel is about to get onto a field competitively for the first time in two years during the Spring League, a developmental league in Texas. From the looks of his videos, and his past ability to dominate a field, Manziel should be one of the standouts from now until August.

Depending on how well his Spring League debut goes, Manziel could be a name NFL teams are hunting for during the 2018 season. Not necessarily as an answer to their quarterback problem, but as a backup to provide a quality safety-net for their starter.

Pittsburgh could easily be a name on that list. The Steelers are looking at anywhere from a year to three years before they need a new starting quarterback. Josh Dobbs may be the answer, but likely won’t be, and Landry Jones is not a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Joe Haden could be lobbying to bring his former teammate in just as a trial run if Manziel shows his worth during the Spring League. If Pittsburgh likes what they see, and believe Johnny Football really is done with the off-the-field issues, giving him a chance could be their next step in finding the next franchise QB.

Manziel is only 25-years-old, and by the time Ben Roethlisberger retires, he’ll be looking at 28 and a long career ahead of him. With a few years behind Ben, and some sound advice from the Steelers organization about how to stay out of trouble, Johnny Football could finally be ready to make the NFL his.

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It’s not a stretch. Johnny Manziel could certainly make his way back to the NFL, and the Steelers could be the ones to give him the chance. Why not? If he looks worthy and they believe his days of trouble are behind him, Pittsburgh should consider Johnny Football as their next quarterback.