Pittsburgh Steelers: Le’Veon Bell is the king of shady social media


Pittsburgh Steelers fan who are spending their offseason waiting on a Le’Veon Bell deal are dealing with serious anxiety every time he’s on social media.

The franchise running back just turned 26 last week and celebrated by changing his Twitter profile picture. For anyone else, that’s not a big deal. But for Le’Veon Bell, this is another jab at the Pittsburgh Steelers that he’s more than okay with not being a part of the team.

Of course, he redeemed himself by posting a picture of Steelers fans and thanked them for their love and support. Still, Bell is becoming known to take steps away from being a Steelers just to throw some shade on the team for not handing him his long-term deal.

Should the Steelers sign Bell? Yes, probably. But right now, they’re focusing on an entire organization who’s one offseason away from a Super Bowl run. Sorry if that means Bell has to wait a little while before the deal is done.

This isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, of Bell’s social media shade. He changed his Instagram handle at the beginning of the offseason. Of course, it caused Steelers fan frenzy and half of Steelers Nation lost their minds thinking he wasn’t coming back.

Which is exactly what he was looking for. The more he shows this team that everyone wants him around, the quicker he’ll get his money. Or at least that’s what he seems to believe.

Bell still is a guaranteed Steeler in 2018, and honestly, the more he pushes buttons the less of chance he has of getting a deal done. Pittsburgh is known to get rid of players who don’t show the same love towards the team that they expect the team to show them. This is a business, and the Steelers will handle it as so, even if that means moving on.

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Don’t worry about anything Bell does right now. He’s not going anywhere unless Pittsburgh wants him to.