Steelers have big off-season decisions to make

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In Pittsburgh, it’s that time of year again. It’s the offseason, too soon for anyone’s liking but it arrived fast and it will move fast.  This time of year, the Steelers will need to make decisions about the roster, before the draft. 

The Steelers need to decide what to do with their free agents, which I’ll address here, but also make some tough decisions on players currently under contract who may not be worth bringing back due to lack of performance, cap space needs or both.

As we navigate what I think the Steelers should do, let’s start with the restricted free agents first.

As a reminder, a restricted free agent can sign with another team but the Steelers will have the right to match the contract offer, should they choose.

Here are the teams RFA’s:

RT Matt Feiler – Feiler has been a pretty solid tackle and has proven he can get the job done.  I believe the Steelers should offer him a contract and keep him around for another 3-4 seasons.  I’ll address this later, but I think they should probably also move on from Ramon Foster so signing Feiler as his immediate replacement makes sense to me. I think he’ll be back.

CB Mike Hilton – Hilton has been a good find for the Steelers and contributes well as the third corner.  I don’t think the team will be lost without him and if he signs elsewhere, I’d consider letting him walk but, if everything were equal; the Steelers should try to sign him and bring him back. I expect him to return.

LS Kameron Canaday – I don have much of an opinion here. If they sign him back, great, if not, that’s fine too.

FS Jordan Dangerfield – Meh. He can go. I see no real reason to worry about losing him.

T Zach Banner – Everybody’s favorite ‘eligible receiver’.  Unlike most, I don’t think this guy is worth much of anything. Let him walk.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the unrestricted free agents.

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