Writers Picks: Pittsburgh Steelers Week 5 matchup vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Heinz Field. (Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)
Heinz Field. (Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s Week 5 for the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) who are set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles (1-2-1), and our writers predict if they can remain undefeated.

Another week, another edition of our writer’s predictions for the upcoming Pittsburgh game. Fresh off an unexpected bye, the Steelers put their undefeated record at stake against the 1-2-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

“The Battle of Pennsylvania”, a seemingly low version of a rivalry that holds any significant importance. Vacant of an illicit disgust or camaraderie among the two fan bases, the conference split permits us to this matchup once every four years.

Things didn’t shape up for the best the last time the Steelers were on the same field as the Eagles, but as our writers agree, vengeance has arrived.

Writers Recap

Thankfully, we didn’t have to charge another loss to the bookkeeping. However, in the midst of the Pittsburgh and our winnings, fellow contributing writer, Brandon Kring, is the first person to correctly predict the result of a game, 28-21 over the Houston Texans.

And much like Week 3, our team at Still Curtain is in unison for a victory over the Eagles on Sunday.

Still Curtain’s 2020 Records

Christian Brown (3-0)

Eric Hassel (3-0)

Ed Hunt (3-0)

Andrew Falce (2-1)

Tommy Jaggi (3-0)

Brandon Kring (3-0)

Jordan Newman (3-0)

Ryan Pawloski (3-0)

Casey Sadekoski (3-0)

Steelers vs. Eagles predictions

“After sleepwalking through the first half and not being able to get anything going on offense, Pittsburgh finally wakes up in the second half and rallies to beat the Eagles 24-21 and remain unbeaten.  Yet again, the Pittsburgh’s ‘D’ makes a stand when we need it to thwart a last-minute drive by the Eagles.” – Eric Hassel (Steelers 24-21)

“The Black and Gold face a weak Philadelphia team where they are touchdown favorites. I think the Steelers win this one, but the Eagles make it a close game.” – Ed Hunt (Steelers 24-22)

“As scared as I am that the Steelers will turn this into a trap game, I can’t see how the Eagles prevail. Roethlisberger finds Claypool twice for scores and the defense combines for 9 sacks.” – Andrew Falce (Steelers 31-6)

“The Steelers have a chance to start 4-0 for the first time since 1979. While having a Week 4 bye is not ideal, the postponed game may have actually helped with Pittsburgh’s win streak. Instead of taking on the undefeated Titans on the road, Mike Tomlin’s team is set to host a 1-2-1 Eagles team that has been outscored by a total of 23 points through the first four games this season. The Steelers are a healthier and more talented team right now. I think they take their fourth straight win this week.” – Tommy Jaggi (Steelers 24-20)

“Pittsburgh’s offense has had plenty of time to prepare for the Eagles and get Diontae Johnson fully healthy. They will be looking to put on a show in front of the fans. The defense will make the day a long one for Carson Wentz with the front 7, showing no mercy against a banged-up OL.” – Brandon Kring (Steelers 30-13)

“Even though Pittsburgh will be facing a Doug Pederson led offense of the Philadelphia Eagles, their injuries are numerous in areas where the Steelers dominate. Pittsburgh’ss front seven creates too much havoc for the Philly OL but even has a battle of their own offensively dealing with the Eagles talent on their defensive front. Still, it’s not much of an impact to overcome the good guys, who more than take care of their second game against an NFC East opponent.” – Jordan Newman (Steelers 24-6)

“Pittsburgh is one of the best teams when you look at the two rosters. The defense should be able to dominate against the Eagles offensive line and cause turnovers. It should be an easy win this Sunday for Pittsburgh”. – Ryan Pawloski (Steelers 30-17)

“Philly has too many injuries to notable pass catchers including Goedert, Jackson, Jeffrey, and Goodwin. They are going to have to be successful running the ball and the Steelers are the best in the league at stopping the run. Also, the Eagles secondary has enough injuries that Pittsburgh should be able to have a field day passing the ball. They’ve got to knock some rust off but it should be an easy win”. – Casey Sadekoski (Steelers 27-17)

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All of Still Curtain’s writers are in agreeance that Pittsburgh should come away with the win against the Eagles. Let’s hope we continue our excellent streak of correct predictions in Week 5.