3 keys of Steelers week 12 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick (Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)
Pittsburgh Steelers free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick (Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Faced for a second time, the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0) aim to extend their winning streak & their 2020 sweep against the Baltimore Ravens (6-4).

Closing in on twelve weeks into the 2020 NFL season, who could’ve guessed that the Cleveland Browns would hold a better record than the Baltimore Ravens? A rough onslaught on games the past month for the AFC North rival, the jumpstart for the Ravens losing three of their last four started with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Falling to the New England Patriots & Tennessee Titans the previous two weeks, it seems like the hits are piling up at this point for Baltimore. A two-game losing streak with the red-hot Steelers in the queue to play, and now suffering losses in the RB room due to COVID, desperation is setting in on their season.

However, is that good news for Pittsburgh? The Ravens are still a very talented team that, despite their issues primarily on offense, can even compete with anyone. With every remaining game holding weight as it’s their last, the Steelers will be in for a battle but are in a great position to make a statement win. One that could appear even better than the first time these two teams faced off against each other.

Steelers history of pressure on QB Lamar Jackson has to continue

For whatever odd reason in sports, players or teams always have that one specific opponent they either know how to nullify entirely or can’t stop the nose bleed they cause. The kryptonite, if you will, & in this scenario fits better when regarding Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson when having to play the Steelers.

In his two full games against Pittsburgh, Lamar is 1-1, averaging a 57 completion percentage, throwing for a total of 369 passing yards with a 3-5 touchdown to interception ratio. Also, 5.64 marks his highest adjusted yard per passing attempt between the two games, and the likely reason is the Steelers’ pressure.

In the previous two matchups, Pittsburgh has mediated Jackson’s ability to create with his elite athleticism, sacking him nine times. Racking up four of the nine in week eight, they also hindered Lamar’s ability as a ball carrier a bit, causing him to fumble three times & losing two of them.

Able to consistently collapse the pocket on a team that already struggles mightily in the success of passes downfield, is in for a world of trouble. It has dwindled Baltimore’s offense for opponents needing to hone in on one facet, which, although their ground attack has remained efficient, will be without some notable names on Thursday.