4 biggest causes of concern Steelers vs. Bills in Week 14

Buffalo Bills conerback Kevin Johnson (29) . Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports
Buffalo Bills conerback Kevin Johnson (29) . Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports /
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Here are the Steelers causes for concern for their Week 14 matchup against the Bills

Last Monday was nothing short of disappointing, but the Steelers still have a plethora of games left to be played and are in control of their playoff future still. That said, a lot of the causes for concern with the Football team reared their ugly head and were primary reasons for the eventual loss.

This week seems even more difficult, as the Bills are a legit playoff contender and have a lot of talent to back it up. With that said, here are four causes for concern with the Steelers’ Week 14 matchup against the Bills.

Defensive injuries

Every team has to go through injuries at some point in the season. It is a natural, albeit unfortunate, aspect of the game. That said, the Steelers lost two major defensive pieces last week in the form of Robert Spillane and Joe Haden. Haden was knocked out with a possible concussion while Spillane suffered some sort of a knee injury.

Losing two starters is never easy, and it makes it all the worse when you think about how vital both could be this week against the Bills. Spillane has filled in admirably for Devin Bush, and while he isn’t quite the athlete Bush is, he is the most athletic option they have left. Going up against Josh Allen, this could prove to be an issue due to his overall game (more on him later).

As for Haden, he is easily the top outside corner that the Steelers have. While Cameron Sutton filled in admirably for Steven Nelson (who should be back), he isn’t as savvy as Haden is. With the Bills passing attack being as potent as it is, it could be another test for this battered group. This week won’t be easy, and it will be even more difficult with the inclusion of these starters on the injury report.