3 keys of the game for Steelers vs. Bills for Sunday night

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Steven Nelson (22) (Photo Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports)
Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Steven Nelson (22) (Photo Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports) /
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We detail the three keys the Pittsburgh Steelers must adhere to rebound against the Buffalo Bills in week 14.

Last week, we saw issues that huddled themselves into a bubble and exploded, the Pittsburgh Steelers finally fell short to an opponent, the Washington Football Team.

This is not just wishful thinking, but the past month has resembled an all-out “Indiana Jones” type of escape from their existing problems. The Steelers have been able to overcome time and time again, the question of legitimacy has loomed over their heads by media and handed them a sense of empowerment after last week’s loss. However, and thankfully, it’s only one game.

Faced against the Buffalo Bills in week 14, their AFC counterpart is on the verge of a possible three-game winning streak that poses a significant challenge for Pittsburgh. As they will be down and out a few notable names by injury, can the Black & Gold still manage to rebound?

Steelers offense finding a select balance

Out of every problem this Steelers team is dealing with the most apparent is the playcalling. Although the opponent’s defense has been getting better by the week, Pittsburgh has decreased in points scored in each of its past four games.

They also hit a season-low of 21 rushing yards as a team and are currently ranked 29th in the NFL in rushing yards per game (92.6). Even in the last place tie in yards per attempt (3.7), it’s on par with what they finished with in 2019. There’s simply has been no answer here.

However, last year’s Steelers weren’t graced with a passing offense that is averaging 252 yards per game and with a QB that is completing nearly 67% of his passes. Surpassing 3000 passing yards on the season with a 27-7 TD to INT ratio, much can be said about what Ben Roethlisberger is doing, but what if too much is being asked of him as well?

Pittsburgh ranks 7th in passing play percentage on the year (62.48) and have rocketed up mightily in the past three weeks to 71.09 – just behind the Los Angeles Chargers at two.  Ben has been throwing 45 or more attempts in the past four games; although this seems like the only way they can score points, only once has his yards per pass attempt been higher than 6 in this span.

In the Bills three of the five losses this season, opposing teams have found success in both areas on offense, rushing for at least 135 yards while passing for 195 or more. If the Steelers want a better chance in victory, they have to establish balance purely & situationally.