Momentum can win the Steelers their last game in Cleveland

Mason Rudolph #2 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Mason Rudolph #2 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Steelers are undoubtedly going to be outmatched on the field in Cleveland Sunday.

After their comeback win against the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh has now added AFC North Champions to their list of accomplishments for this 2020-21 NFL season. That, along with already having clinched a playoff berth, and there being little effect on their seeding and quality of Wild Card opponent, has resulted in the Steelers decision to rest a notable chunk of starters before their rematch against the Browns on the road. This includes Ben Roethlisberger and T.J. Watt, among others.

Now with the headlining talent out of the way before visiting a 10-win rival, a loss is certainly expected, and that’s okay. However, how confident can we be in losing under these circumstances? Not only has Pittsburgh possibly found life in their capabilities once again (following the Colts game), but Cleveland has lost two straight affairs, their latest seeing them be absolutely shut down by the abysmal New York Jets. Is an upset on the horizon in Ohio?

Probably not. Although, that would just about be the most “Cleveland Browns” thing to ever happen: the Pittsburgh Steelers, of all teams, to stun the Browns on their own home turf. This would subsequently kick Cleveland out of the playoffs, leaving the Steel City to outshine them once again, and the Browns’ extensive postseason drought to continue.

But such an occurrence would not be plausible without momentum, as clearly the backup Steelers are no match for a loaded Browns roster on paper. Still, Cleveland has been known to blow big games out of sheer inferiority, and Pittsburgh lives in their nightmares as their most prominent example of such cowardly behavior. The franchise is known for its consistent failure – it’s just that plain and simple.

So who knows; maybe the Browns will remind everyone that even a darn good Cleveland team is nonetheless still a Cleveland team. We beat them with Devlin Hodges and a bad offensive line last year, after all. So with a blatant increase in quality of play on our part since then, the Steelers coming out on top might not be as crazy as it sounds upon first hearing it.

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And did I mention who Pittsburgh’s quarterback will be this week? Big, bad Mason Rudolph. After what happened the last time we visited our historically lackluster brothers down south, a shocking victory here to end the regular season stretch would only be sweeter. Rudolph’s attacker will also hold a strong presence in the game for the Browns defensive side of things. But win or lose, it’s awesome just to sit back and look ahead for once. After the Indy win, hopefully, the Pittsburgh Steelers are back to their winning ways for the playoffs.