Steelers who left door open to lose their spot after second preseason game

Kendrick Green #53 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Kendrick Green #53 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

The Steelers are in the heat of some fierce competitive battles on their roster and some of those spots are still wide open. 

The Steelers continued their winning ways on the road in Jacksonville against the Jaguars. It was a game that saw many faults come to light after an offensive explosion in week one. This second game was almost the reverse of that as both teams kept it fairly low scoring and showed some warts of their own.

The entire offensive line of Pittsburgh has been the main talking point since this contest concluded. They played so poorly, but there were other players that did not make as much of an impact as many thought they might. It was not the best-case scenario for those that made this list, and they will need to bounce back in their final game on Sunday.

Benny Snell has not done enough to secure a roster spot yet

Benny Snell gets a lot of flak from the fans, and that has been garnered since he was drafted out of Kentucky. For one reason or another, he has not been able to put everything together at the NFL level. He still has some things going for him to make this roster even though his performance this past weekend was not strong.

The blame for his lack of production at the running back position can be put on the offensive line for the most part. Snell also made a special teams tackle and that is what will make him stick around. He needs to show more in this upcoming matchup against the Lions or he could lose out if Jaylen Warren and Anthony McFarland show better things.

Kendrick Green has been a mess for the Steelers so far

Kendrick Green might have had the worst performance by a Steelers player in the contest. He got the start at left guard and his play was the ugliest of the group. That is really making a giant statement when you look at how poorly the line played as a unit. It was not a banner night for anyone, but Kevin Dotson did play at a higher level.

When is it too early to cut bait with a third-round pick? Well, the black and gold will have to make that decision after forcing this player into another starting opportunity that he was not ready for. You cannot blame the player, he is a backup at best, but the coaching staff is trying to make him a starter even though Dotson is the superior player in every way.

Devin Bush had a slight bounce-back performance that still was not enough

Devin Bush had a better performance against the Jaguars than he did against the Seahawks. It was still full of errors, but he seemed to attack the play some more and fill his gaps. He is still the weak link in this linebacking group of starters, but hopefully, this will be the starting spot for him.

You can tell that Myles Jack is still the best guy in the middle for this team. The lack of quality behind him might force a safety like Terrell Edmunds to come in and play as an extra linebacker. Bush will probably still get the starting snaps next to Jack, but he is running out of time on fixing his career in the NFL.

Gunner Olszewski did not have the best game in a crowded Steelers room

Gunner Olszewski had a consistent training camp for the most part and had a great game against the Seahawks. He was billed as a great return specialist when he signed with the Steelers during free agency. His game has shown more as a receiver than many thought was going to be revealed.

There are a lot of talented receivers in this room, and it could always make this player more expendable if he is not careful. He fumbled this past weekend and did not have many targets in the passing game. Another thing he has not been able to do yet is return the ball from a punt or kick. Each player provides their own abilities, and some have even shown some things in the return game. Olszewski needs to be better in game three to cement his spot.

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The Steelers have a lot of work ahead of them and that could mean potentially looking for answers externally. These players have not been able to secure their spots yet and it could mean the end for them.