10 bold predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
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8. The offense finally carries the defense for the first time in a while

It has been years since the black and gold's offense carried the defense when it comes to their ways to win. When the killer bees were around, that offense was lethal, and found different ways to carry a defense that struggled at times. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le'Veon Bell were all superstar players in their own right.

The only way those three would ruin things was if they did it to themselves. Unfortunately for the Steelers that self-destruction happened, and the team was never able to capitalize and get close to a championship trophy. Ever since those three disbanded the defense was charged with helping the offense with winning games.

The defense has been one of the best units in the NFL for the past several years, with last season being an anomaly. T.J. Watt has led this group by example, and he became one of the best defenders that the franchise has ever seen. If the preseason is any indication, the days of the defense bailing the offense out may be over.

Kenny Pickett and this young offense have a lot of talent and potential heading into this season. Expect the defense to still do well, but this offense could be at another level if Pickett and others live up to the hype. There are still a lot of question marks on offense, but they could be a top team in the league if their offense starts to carry the team to the promised land.