10 bold predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
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6. George Pickens leads the NFL in receiving yards this season

Many that cover the black and gold are expecting a breakout performance this season by George Pickens. His rookie year showed some of the great plays that he was able to make in a limited role on an offense that struggled to click. He can take that next step forward if Kenny Pickett is able to throw the ball more downfield.

If things fail for Pickens this year it is most likely a cause of his environment rather than his own quality of play. He has all the tools to make big plays in big moments and help this team win. There are other weapons at receiver and tight end that will get their own opportunities to make plays on offense and it will be up to Pickett to get them the ball.

Diontae Johnson is still the top receiver on the team for now but expect that to change as the season progresses. Pickens seems to be the better player right now heading into the football calendar, but he still needs to prove himself in games that matter. If Pickett and Pickens find a good connection and can push the ball downfield it could be a wild playmaking machine.

A lot of this prediction will depend on how much Pickett is able to throw the ball past the sticks and how much trust he forms with Pickens. This young receiver has all the skills that are necessary to be a top receiver in the NFL and he could do that. Most of his stats will rely on how many targets he gets per game and the quality of his opportunity.