10 realistic free agents the Steelers could sign in 2024

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Tennessee Titans cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting (0) / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA
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Steelers could target Raekwon Davis

All of the names on this list follow a similar trend. They are needs for the team and have some sort of link back to the Steelers to connect them. Raekwon Davis isn’t that, as there aren’t a lot of connections between him and Pittsburgh.

If you follow any of my draft content, you know that when I talk about defensive linemen for this team, I am quick to mention their type for ends. Tall with good weight and good length. Unfortunately, the college game has trended toward smaller linemen, so finding this prototype is hard.

Maybe the Steelers recognize this and target a free agent instead. If they do, the best fit from the size perspective has to be Davis. He hasn’t been great for the Dolphins, but part of that has been his role. He has been used mostly along the interior and at nose tackle, which has caused an issue with leverage given his size.

Because of this, his value won’t likely be all that high heading into the offseason. The Steelers can likely ink him on a team-friendly deal and allow him to be a backup. Move him more to an end spot and we could see some improvements. It’s a shot in the dark, but I think a signing like this would make a lot of sense for this team.