15 Players the Pittsburgh Steelers gave up on way too soon

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Eric Greene was a stable piece on the Steelers offense at tight end before leaving

The 1980s were overall a terrible decade for the Steelers after they saw a decade of domination in the 70s. It was hopefully time to turn a new leaf when the 1990s came around and the black and gold had hope that Eric Greene would be a part of the solution. They used their first-round pick on him as they wanted to implement a talented tight end to their offense.

Sadly, for the Steelers, Greene was not able to become the only way to fix any offensive woes. It was not Greene's fault by any sense of imagination as he was a bright spot during the early 90s for Pittsburgh. He did not tally large amounts of yardage during his first couple of years, but he was a monster when it came to finding the end zone.

As time progressed, the offense of the black and gold were able to start making progress in fixing their issues. Greene was a big part of the solution on offense and was relied on heavily. Not all stories work out in a fairytale ending and Greene was not able to win anything of significance during his time in Pittsburgh.

A new contract was not worked out and Greene found himself a new home the Miami Dolphins before moving on to the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets before calling it a career. His best days were with the Steelers, and it might have made the most sense to keep him around if a contract could have been ironed out. He was a good tight end for a position that was starting to develop into a passing threat.