2023 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers luck into the player they have been eyeing

Bryce Young, Steelers
Bryce Young, Steelers / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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TCU. Quentin Johnston. 25. player. Wide receiver. 31. .

NFL mock draft pick 25: WR Quentin Johnston

Another receiver makes the tail end of the first round as the Giants desperately need talent at the position. Quentin Johnston was projected in the top tier of the first round during the early goings of this past collegiate season. Some concerns about his pre-draft process have surfaced with certain testing scores, but he should provide a big target for Daniel Jones.

123. . Defensive tackle. Clemson. player. . Bryan Bresee. 26

NFL mock draft pick 26: DT Bryan Bresee

Another prospect that has fallen from grace is Bryan Bresee as many have noticed his lack of pass rush. He is a solid run stuffer but needs to work on his pass rush at the next level. Dallas has a couple of holes to fill, but they go with the defensive tackle to help this group get even younger on that side of the football.

Jordan Addison. 16. . USC. Wide receiver. 27. player.

NFL mock draft pick 27: WR Jordan Addison

The rich get richer here as the Buffalo Bills select one of the top receivers in this draft class. Jordan Addison would've been one of the top picks in last year’s class if he was eligible. His transfer to USC was not beneficial to his draft stock, but he lands in a great spot. This offense scores a lot of points, and they will continue that and then some with Addison in the fold.

Tennessee. Darnell Wright. player. . . Offensive tackle. 28. 56

NFL mock draft pick 28: OT Darnell Wright

Fans of the Steelers will not like the idea of the best right tackle in the draft going to the Bengals late on night one of the draft. They will wish for him to fall to pick 32, but that did not happen in this scenario. Darnell Wright is a great talent and will make Joe Burrow's life that much easier in a division that they control without much contest.