2024 NFL mock draft: Steelers nab electrifying Kenny Pickett replacement

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Looking ahead at the NFL draft it seems like a possibility that the Pittsburgh Steelers could look for answers at quarterback. It is the most important position in football and Kenny Pickett has not had a great game since being the starter for nearly two and a half seasons. On top of his lack of production, he has routinely been injured which could bring into question his dependability.

Pittsburgh will take a long look at their options at quarterback from free agency to trades to the draft process. They need to find answers and quickly if they wish to try and turn this ship around for a better future. Pickett could very well be the starter next season too, but this mock draft worked perfectly in their favor and it allowed them to take an upgrade at the position.

Steelers draft an electric talent at quarterback after he falls into their lap

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The best-case scenario for those of you who would like the Steelers to move on from Pickett would be a top quarterback falling into their lap. Normally, a team would have to trade up for a top player at the position, but no one knows where the second-tier players will go. Jayden Daniels should be there still if the black and gold select in the middle of the first round.

They sit back and watch the picks roll in with Caleb Williams and Drake Maye going in the top five selections of the draft. The Steelers wait their turn and take the Heisman winner from this year. Jayden Daniels is an electric playmaker with the ball in his hands. He has a strong arm to throw the ball deep and can use his legs.

As the draft process plays out, and if the Steelers miss the playoffs because of their poor quarterback play, fans will start to demand Daniels to Pittsburgh. He can do it all and the numbers that he produced at LSU were mind-boggling. He will probably be the third quarterback listed on most boards because of his amazing numbers and unique abilities.