3 Cowboys players the Steelers should trade for to complete their 2023 roster

  • Steelers still have a few holes left on their roster
  • Trading for one of these bubble players could change that

Steelers, Kelvin Joseph
Steelers, Kelvin Joseph / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys really don't have much to do with each other. Once upon a time, these two teams met in Super Bowl XXX following the 1995 season. Lately, however, these two popular NFL franchises are uncommon opponents who play each other just once every four years and are hardly ever trade partners. Perhaps we can change that.

The Cowboys have a very talented roster, and Dallas just so happens to be extremely deep where the Steelers are not. Unfortunately for them, this could mean cutting some talented players and former draft picks simply because they cannot afford the extra roster spot to keep them around.

Before they do so and the Steelers have to start throwing waiver claims left and right, perhaps Omar Khan should execute another trade after shipping Kevin Dotson to the Rams -- this time for a player who could help round out their roster. These trades would be low-cost and low-risk, but they could help round out the Steelers roster in 2023.

Steelers should trade for CB Kelvin Joseph

While the Cowboys have a few holes of their own, they happen to be loaded when it comes to the boundary cornerback position. This past offseason Dallas signed former Defensive Player of the Year, Stephon Gilmore to pair with former All-Pro Trevon Diggs at the cornerback position.

After spending multiple Day 2 and 3 picks at the CB position in recent years, the Cowboys now have more cornerbacks than they can afford to keep. Their options become limited. One of the players who may not make the roster is former 2021 second-round pick, Kelvin Joseph.

If Dallas can't allocate an extra roster spot to the CB position, Joseph could be gone. Instead of hoping that he clears waivers in order to sign him back to the practice squad, they could trade him to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a Day 3 pick.

The Steelers have a need for a backup boundary cornerback, as James Pierre clearly isn't the answer. Joseph would come at the price of just a late-round pick and he's still on a rookie deal. He would serve as a special teams player and backup CB in 2023 and could compete with Cory Trice Jr. and any potential newcomers to hang onto his job in 2024.