3 difficult decisions Steelers will need to make this offseason

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The Steelers will have to cut Pressley Harvin III

Pressley Harvin III was drafted in 2021 to be the team's punter for years to come. He has a booming leg and fake play potential to be that kind of contributor. Unfortunately, his career has been devastated with woeful inconsistencies and off-the-field tragedy.

Harvin's father passed away during his rookie season, and the Steelers were supportive of their punter throughout the process. The situation showed why the Steelers are so much more like a family than a team, an aspect that is celebrated throughout the league.

Unfortunately, Harvin hasn't been a good player on the field for Pittsburgh. He's one of the most inconsistent punters in the entire NFL, with a seemingly guaranteed face-palm-assured punt per game.

In his career, Harvin has never been in the top half of punters in punts inside the 20 percentage, peaking at 17 this season, 29th in 2022, and 22nd in 2021. He's also never been in the top half for net yards per punt, peaking in 2022 at 19th with 41.1 yards, and landing at 32nd this season with just 39.1.

Harvin was also 32nd this year in gross yards per punt at 43.8.

Harvin is a likable player off the field, and one the coaches and fanbase alike had a lot of hope for, but it's time to look in another direction. Harvin has had competition in the past heading into a season but was always likely to win because he was drafted to be the guy and the Steelers can be loyal to a fault.

That can't be the case in 2024. Whether the Steelers opt to draft a punter yet again, keep Brad Wing around to give him another go at it, or make a significant upgrade in free agency, Harvin simply can't be the punter in 2024, no matter how much it hurts on a personal level inside the building.