3 early and shockingly bold predictions for the Steelers in 2023

  • T.J. Watt could break his own record this year
  • Pat Freiermuth could join elite company

Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Kenny Pickett becomes an MVP candidate

This seems like as big of a reach as possible, but believe it or not, we can't rule Kenny Pickett out as a potential MVP candidate in 2023. Obviously, in order to be considered, many things will need to happen.

For starters, Pickett would need to take a significant year-two leap. Breakout performances aren't uncommon, but the improvements would have to jump out at us. In addition, the Steelers would likely be required to pass the ball more than they intend to this year. We know that when it comes to voting for accolades and awards, statistics do matter, so simply recording something to the tune of 25 touchdowns and 3,500 yards isn't going to get the job done. Though he doesn't necessarily need the best numbers in the league, Pickett's production would need to be impressive.

Another factor that could help Kenny Pickett emerge as an MVP candidate is the success of the team. If the Pittsburgh Steelers are winning football games, Pickett may not need elite production to throw his hat in the ring for consideration. He could be aided by a great defense and playing ball-control offense could help the Steelers have a surprisingly good record in 2023.

Of course, I'm not saying that Pickett is going to be a frontrunner for MVP honors halfway through the season. However, it's not unthinkable that he could at least be a candidate. This will depend on how big the leap is in year two and how well his team performs. He won't have the sheer volume numbers to do it on his own.

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