3 former Steelers draft picks who got cut from the roster

  • Being a former draft pick doesn't mean your spot on the roster is secure
  • These three players gave it their all but couldn't make the final 53

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Steelers cut tight end Zach Gentry

Zach Gentry might have been the most surprising cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023. Though we were all aware of how much depth this team had at the tight end position, many of us thought he would at least stick around and carve out a role as the number two tight end until Darnell Washington got his feet wet.

This obviously proved not to be the case. Instead, Gentry's name was leaked as a cut prior to the final wave of roster moves just before the deadline. While he wasn't the most athletic or dynamic player at his position, Gentry was very sold in his role as the 'Y' tight end and in-inline blocker -- making him a solid pairing with the more versatile Pat Freiermuth.

Gentry was a former fifth-round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2019 NFL Draft. A former quarterback, the 6'8'' football player quickly transitioned to tight end at Michigan and was ultimately drafted by Pittsburgh. After owning 9 draft choices in 2019, it was a bit surprising to see Gentry outlast all but one player from his Steelers draft class (Diontae Johnson is now the only player who remains).

Gentry is a good enough football player that he should be able to get a chance as a backup tight end on another NFL roster. Many fans knew him for his bubbly personality and the 'Grillin' and Chillin' segment he did with Pat Freiermuth. Freiermuth recently waved goodbye to his bestie on the team via Instagram.