3 longest winning streaks in Pittsburgh Steelers history

Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger
Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger / George Gojkovich/GettyImages
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1. 2004 season: 15-game winning streak

The best winning streak ever by the Pittsburgh Steelers comes back in 2004, and for some of us, we remember it quite well. It was Ben Roethlisberger's rookie season. Just partway through Week 2, starting quarterback Tommy Maddox suffered an elbow injury that took him out of commission. It was Big Ben's show from there.

The Steelers weren't able to escape Week 2 with a win against the Ravens, but Roethlisberger would go on to win 15 straight games to open up his career as a starting quarterback. However, he certainly wasn't without help.

Ben was never asked to throw more than 28 passes in a game during this stretch and he was aided by an all-star cast on defense that included players like Troy Polamalu, Joey Porter, James Farrior, Aaron Smith, Ike Taylor, and plenty of others. The Steelers ultimately finished first in points allowed per game in 2004.

The Steelers road this wave all the way to the AFC Championship Game when their 15-game winning streak came to an end against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. This remains one of the greatest single-season winning streaks in NFL history.

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