3 offseason moves by AFC North rivals that made Steelers fans grin from ear to ear

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Cleveland did not have an offseason where they vastly improved their roster

If there was a way to throw out an entire season of football, the Browns would likely want to do that with their 2022 season. It saw the club struggle with consistency throughout the schedule and it ended with them in the bottom of the divisional standings. Perhaps it was karma for the ludicrous contract that they gave Deshaun Watson besides neglecting his off-the-field concerns.

Once Watson jumped onto the field after his lengthy suspension, the Cleveland offense was not able to get much success on the field. They sputtered out a lot and capped off the year by being decimated by a poor Steelers offense. This group will likely burn last year as fast as they can forget it and try to move on to a new year.

Watson is under contract for a long time, so there are no takebacks on his deal as it will remain fully guaranteed. The Browns will hope that a full training camp and non-suspended season to gel with his offense. There are a couple of concerns on this Cleveland roster, but they were able to add some quality players via trade and free agency.

The lack of first and second-round selections will likely come back to bite this club in the rear. They added some quality prospects in the third round, but none that will make a huge difference for this upcoming campaign. It seems like they will finish last in the standings again unless something monumental changes.