3 players who are definitely entering their final season with the Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace
Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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2. OG Kevin Dotson

Sometimes you find those players who just say all the right things to the media. Kevin Dotson is not that guy. His somewhat abrasive personality and questionable statements have put him in the doghouse in the past, and he's already on thin ice. Dotson essentially conceded his starting job to Isaac Seumalo when the Steelers signed the free-agent guard -- noting the money Seumalo was making.

Despite being a two-year starter at left guard and possessing good size and strength for the position, Dotson could be gone very soon. In addition to Dotson, Pittsburgh signed Nate Herbig during the 2023 offseason.

This means that Dotson is no longer fighting for a starting role, but is hoping to keep his roster spot and earn a helmet on game days. Dotson has been very inconsistent during his first three seasons with the Steelers. The highs have been high, but the lows have been extremely low at times.

Now after going from being a starter to getting buried on the Steelers depth chart, the isn't a chance he will want to resign with the team beyond the 2023 season, and the feeling by the organization may be mutual. Dotson is definitely entering his final season with the team, and I wouldn't be shocked to see the Steelers move on from him in the middle of the season.