3 players who deserve roles on the Steelers roster in 2023

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3. Steelers must keep OG Spencer Anderson

The final Steelers roster bubble player that I would like to make a case for is Spencer Anderson. Despite my deep research of NFL Draft prospects during the pre-draft process, I didn't know much about Anderson until Pittsburgh drafted him. Even then, I wasn't convinced that he would be a solid pick.

As a late seventh-rounder, Anderson still has a ton to prove, but I have been very pleased with what I have seen from him this summer. For starters, Anderson possesses incredible position flexibility as a rookie. He can essentially play 4 of 5 spots on the offensive line, which increases his value if called upon in a pinch.

Anderson rose to the challenge as well. Despite being stretched so thin and asked to play several positions since the start of the summer, he has done a very respectable job. During the preseason finale, Anderson earned a 79.8 pass block grade on 21 pass block reps (41 total), per Pro Football Focus. He did similar work against the Bills while earning an 84.6 pass block grade in the opener against the Buccaneers.

At the end of the day, I think keeping a young, athletic rookie like Anderson around on the Steelers roster in 2023 makes much more sense than rolling with a player like Kendrick Green for the third year in a row. Late-round picks are never guaranteed to make the roster, but Anderson has earned his right to be on this team in 2023.

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