3 players who have definitely played their final game with the Steelers

These three players won't be afforded the opportunity to come back to Pittsburgh in 2024.

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Mitch Trubisky, QB

Steelers fans might revolt if Mitch Trubisky comes back for one more season. Though Trubisky didn't do anything spectacular when entering the game for an injured Kenny Pickett in 2022, the Steelers elected to give him a rich new contract extension during the 2023 offseason. This proved to be a big mistake.

Trubisky was one of the priciest backup quarterbacks in the league, but he didn't earn a fraction of his paycheck when called upon by the Steelers. In fact, it was largely thanks to his awful play in December that nearly buried Pittsburgh from climbing back into the playoff hunt.

Like the other two names on this list, Trubisky is still under contract for one more season, but he's never going to see the final year of his deal. Trubisky is set to have a cap number of over $8.3 million in 2024 -- which is an obnoxious number for a third-string quarterback.

Though Mason Rudolph isn't currently under contract for next season, the Steelers could sign the better of the two quarterbacks and still save money by cutting Trubisky. There's no chance he gets another shot in Pittsburgh after blowing every opportunity presented to him in 2023. Pittsburgh is likely to bring in QB competition, and Mitch Trubisky will not be part of it.

All contract details and numbers courtesy of Over the Cap.

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