3 possible landing spots for Mason Rudolph in 2024 after his late-season resurgence

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Rudolph could leave the Steelers for brighter days in Las Vegas

While looking at enticing quarterback options out there, one has to imagine that Rudolph will try to ride this wave of momentum heading into the offseason. Depending on how far the Steelers go this year, it will only boost Rudolph's next contract numbers if he can continue as a quality starter. Perhaps he will even be able to gain a top starting opportunity.

Las Vegas has been able to have a strong second half of their season despite their Head coach being fired months ago. That team will miss the playoffs, but they have a strong roster, especially along the front of their defense. They also have some quality options across their offense that could be an enticing option for a quarterback looking to expand his resume.

Mason Rudolph might be a cheaper bridge option for some teams and could be even more of a bargain if other clubs don't come calling. It makes sense for him to join the Raiders as the club currently doesn't have too many starting options. Right now, the Raiders have a top-12 pick in the upcoming draft, which might be too far for one of the top quarterbacks in the draft.

Rudolph could be a nice piece to battle Aidan O'Connell for the starting job, especially if Jimmy Garopollo is let go this offseason. He would be a tremendous addition if Las Vegas misses out on one of the top quarterbacks coming out of college this year. He can help lead them to another year with respectable production and still have them in position for a future quarterback next year.