3 possible landing spots for Mason Rudolph in 2024 after his late-season resurgence

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A signing in Denver during free agency could give him a shot at a starting job

Russel Wilson will be out of Denver whenever the offseason kicks off after the Super Bowl reaches its conclusion. The Broncos are in a rough spot right now. Their defense is a solid group, but they have limited draft resources and players who might be looking for new homes soon. Denver is in a bad spot and it might be a while until they're competitive again.

They will need to spend their money wisely and bringing in someone like Rudolph might be their best opportunity. He shouldn't command crazy money or a long-term contract, but he can be a reliable starter for the Broncos moving forward. The Steelers would be wise to try and keep Rudolph, but somewhere like Denver would be more enticing.

Without Wilson in the picture, and their top draft pick out of the picture still, Rudolph could be an unquestioned starter in that picture. He would still need to earn that job, but there is little competition currently on their roster. One would have to imagine that the Broncos would be fairly active at adding a quarterback or two this offseason.

They currently have Jarrett Stidham as their lone guy on the roster heading into next season. Signing someone like Rudolph and drafting a quarterback later in the draft might be the best answer for Denver for next year. It might not be a successful football team during the next campaign, but Rudolph would likely get most of those starts.

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