3 quarterback options Arthur Smith could demand for the Steelers

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Mason Rudolph remains the top priority to return for the Steelers

It has been said by many in the building that Mason Rudolph will try to be re-signed this offseason. Both Mike Tomlin and Art Rooney have been open to the idea of bringing back Rudolph as they recognize the change in the offense's output when he took over as the starter. The big question will remain if that is the right decision by the Steelers.

Mitch Trubisky has to be cut this offseason and look for employment elsewhere. He lost his backup role and cost too much money. If Rudolph does come back for more money, then it makes little sense to keep Trubisky. Having Pickett and Rudolph as the only options to battle for the starting spot should leave fans nervous as neither have seen tons of success.

Rudolph did play well down the stretch, but he might not be able to sustain that over a 17-game schedule. Pickett is there and it seems like he will be given every opportunity to keep his starting spot. Rudolph outplayed Pickett in every start that he was given and that should be pretty eye-opening for these coaches. Smith is someone who could change the quarterback room.

Smith enters this job with hopes of turning Pickett around, but he will likely have plenty of free roam to pick the best starter on the roster. The Steelers desperately want Pickett to work out as a starter for this team. With their season concluding press conferences, it sounds like many in the building are open to the idea of providing a short leash for Pickett. Rudolph will be the top option to challenge Pickett and other options will be there to fall back on.

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