3 reasons Steelers need to sell the farm at the NFL trade deadline

The current state of the Steelers shows why they should be selling at the trade deadline.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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In today's NFL, teams often go all in or all out in any particular year. They will either make every move possible to become legitimate Super Bowl contenders or they will sell some of their best assets at the NFL trade deadline to gain valuable draft capital that could help open up their window to compete in the near future.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a pressing choice to make. Do they buy or sell at the trade deadline that is now just hours away? While I would like to think that this team is a move away from being a true contender in the AFC, the stats would suggest otherwise.

Despite the team's 4-3 record, the numbers show that Pittsburgh has been fraudulent to this point. Here are three reasons why Steelers GM Omar Khan should be looking to sell the farm at the NFL trade deadline this year.

3. Steelers aren't making improvements

If the Steelers are improving, they are doing it so slowly that we can't tell where the improvements are coming from. Despite playing at home against a defense that was missing several of its best players in Week 8, Pittsburgh was only able to put up 10 points against Jacksonville -- even with their defense creating 3 takeaways.

On the season, the Steelers are 29th in points per game, 31st in yards per game, and 32nd in time of possession. This doesn't exactly scream a playoff-contending team. Sadly, most of their team stats have gotten worse in recent weeks.

What's most concerning is that the Steelers have shown no ability to put up points with any sort of consistency, and they are continuing the longest streak in NFL history without 400 yards of offense gained in a single game. This team has no firepower and they aren't making improvements. These are telltale signs that they should look to sell at the trade deadline.