3 reasons a Steelers trade for Broncos' Pat Surtain II is realistically on the table

Don't rule out a Steelers trade for Pat Surtain II just yet.
Pat Surtain II, Steelers
Pat Surtain II, Steelers / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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2. Steelers have made substantial moves at the trade deadline

The second reason to believe that a Steelers trade for Pat Surtain II is well within the realm of possibility is the fact that Pittsburgh has made some massive unexpected moves at the trade deadline in recent years. In 2019, former GM Kevin Colbert broke tradition and traded away a first-round pick for safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Though Omar Khan is the new general manager, we have already seen loads of aggressiveness on his part. Just hours before the deadline last year, he was able to sucker the Chicago Bears into giving up their original second-round pick for wide receiver, Chase Claypool.

Both of these trades overwhelmingly favored the Steelers, as we would soon come to find out. Fitzpatrick went on to be a three-time All-Pro in Pittsburgh and is still in the prime of his NFL career, while Joey Porter Jr. -- the player that Pittsburgh ultimately acquired in the draft with the pick from the trade -- is looking excellent so far.

The team's recent success when it comes to making moves at the NFL trade deadline probably means that they won't be hesitant to pull the trigger again on a blockbuster deal. If Khan believes that adding a blue-chip player at the deadline can make this team a contender, he will do it. If the Broncos are willing to part with their star cornerback, this could be the ultimate prize.