3 roster holes that could cost Steelers a shot at a Super Bowl run

  • Which positions are holding the team back?
  • These positions could be their downfall in 2023

Steelers, Mark Robinson
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Right tackle

It's about time the Pittsburgh Steelers address the offensive tackle position in the NFL Draft. Prior to trading up for Broderick Jones in 2023, this organization had not taken a tackle in the first round since selecting Jamain Stephens way back in 1996.

For the first time since even before Kevin Colbert's tenure, the Steelers are getting serious about an offensive tackle. This is a wise choice, as tackles are incredibly important in today's offense-dominated league. Sadly, one high investment may not be enough.

Even if Jones starts early in his NFL career and proves to be a quality addition, the Steelers still have a weakness at right tackle. Chukwuma Okorafor may have outplayed his draft status as a third-round back in 2018, but his performance has not been up to the standard of where it needs to be.

Entering his sixth NFL season in 2023, there isn't a lot of reason to expect big changes from Okorafor. At the end of the day, he has an average skillset for the position and hasn't shown enough progress over the years. Offensive tackle could still be a weakness holding the Steelers back from any potential Super Bowl run this year.