3 roster holes that could cost Steelers a shot at a Super Bowl run

  • Which positions are holding the team back?
  • These positions could be their downfall in 2023
Steelers, Mark Robinson
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This isn't an official position on Pittsburgh's depth chart, but the 'dimebacker' role is one of great importance. In sub-packages, the Steelers need a dime defender they can count on who can both cover receivers from the slot and support the run.

This typically comes in the form of a hybrid safety/linebacker. Over the years, they have tried to fill this position with players like Morgan Burnett and Marcus Allen, but to no avail. This year, there are several candidates who could see time fighting for this role and using a veteran like Keanu Neal here isn't out of the question.

However, the question becomes: will it be enough? Over the years, the Steelers haven't quite found the prototype player they have been searching for to fill this role. While we may not think of it as much as other positions, finding a quality sub-package defender can help get defenses off the field on third downs.

At this point, it's hard to even pinpoint which player on the roster will fill the dimebacker role in 2023. If they once again struggle to find a quality suitor, this is a lowkey roster hole that could contribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers falling short of a Super Bowl run this year.

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