3 signings the Steelers could make in free agency that would cause a revolt by fans

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Devin White would cost too much for Pittsburgh during free agency

Many fans are not too thrilled that the Steeler's defense is one of the highest-paid in the NFL. They do put their money where their mouths are with their performances. Signing another expensive free-agent option this offseason might not be the best way to go. Pittsburgh has to fix their offense and their defense will survive with who they got.

Devin White was drafted a couple of picks before Devin Bush in a draft that many expected to produce both as big-time defensive players. Neither has been great throughout their careers to this point, but Bush has been far worse than White has. White has produced some decent numbers for most of his career, but this year saw a drop-off.

Even though Bush will probably be out of the NFL sometime in the next couple of years, White might not be too far behind him. The Steelers showed a lot of interest in him during the pre-draft process, but they did not have the option to select him. Maybe they will circle back to him during free agency, but that price might be too high.

The fact is that Cole Holcomb and Kwon Alexander formed a strong duo, but the injury bug was too much this season. The Steelers should return those two into the fold and only consider White if they lose Alexander to free agency, and if White would take a cheap one-year deal. Investing a poor contract on an already expensive defense would not be the best decision.