3 signings the Steelers could make in free agency that would cause a revolt by fans

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Russel Wilson would bring too much of a circus for the Steelers at quarterback

Russel Wilson will be officially out of Denver as soon as the Broncos make his release official this offseason. Maybe they will try and facilitate a trade, but it is hard to believe that a team would take on his hefty contract that remains. Denver will be cutting him and trying to move on after dealing multiple draft picks for the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

With Pickett struggling as the starting quarterback for Pittsburgh, many have connected Wilson to the Steelers this offseason. He might be looking to find a place where he could win, and the Steelers just need a fix at quarterback to compete next season. Wilson does not seem like the answer as many have questioned his leadership and skills in recent years.

Many have started to come out and speak about Wilson and the lack of leadership that he provides to a team. That is already a red flag and this team needs a quarterback that is a leader and someone that can get them to victory. Ever since he left Seattle, Wilson has not been the same player and many wonder if a change of scenery will help or not.

Perhaps Wilson just did not fit in the Broncos offense and that caused his play to dip in recent years. It seems like age just might be catching up to the quarterback, and the circus that would come with the signing would be against the norm for the Steelers organization. If he takes a cheap deal then maybe it could be more realistic, but fans would surely scoff at this plan.

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