3 Steelers candidates to be cut going into the summer

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Steelers could cut OG Kendrick Green

If you want to talk about which player has been the biggest disappointment in Pittsburgh over the past several years, look no further than former third-round pick, Kendrick Green. After passing on a fan-favorite like Quinn Meinerz in the 2021 NFL Draft three times, the Steelers took a 'scheme fit' player in Green.

When Green failed as a center as a rookie, the team moved him back to guard -- naively believing that he could hold up there at the NFL level. Instead, Green was humiliated last summer in training camp and the preseason and showed that he just doesn't have the required baseline strength or anchoring ability for the position.

The Steelers know this, and after signing players like Isaac Seumalo and Nate Herbig in free agency, Green's odds of making the final roster as a guard are slim to none. While Green is still on his rookie deal and doesn't have a substantial cap hit ($1.32 million), it may be less about cap savings and more about realizing that he doesn't belong on the roster.

Even if the Steelers cut Green, Kevin Dotson projects as the team's fourth guard on the roster this year. There simply isn't any room for Green, and quite frankly, they might not want him taking value practice reps at training camp and the preseason when they have a packed room of guards who need time to gel and build chemistry with the offensive line.