3 Steelers who must be thrown out with the garbage ahead of Week 8

It's time; These these three Steelers need to be shown the door.
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1. DL Isaiahh Loudermilk

What do you do with a 6'7'' defensive lineman who can't defend the run or rush the passer? At this point, it might be time to end the Isaiahh Loudermilk experiment. Though I was somewhat optimistic that the Pittsburgh Steelers would eventually find a way to use Loudermilk, it turns out that he's just not a very good NFL player.

The former fifth-round draft pick is having a very hard time seeing the field these days. Through the first six games, Loudermilk has garnered a total of just 80 defensive snaps. The sample has been pretty awful as well. Loudermilk has earned an overall defensive grade of just 38.6 on the season. Loudermilk hasn't played enough snaps to qualify for a ranking from PFF, but assuming he did, this grade would be good for just the 119th-best in the league (fifth-worst among all NFL interior defenders).

The worst part is that Loudermilk can barely help the Steelers out on special teams, and he only sees the field when the field goal unit comes out for either team. This simply isn't enough usage to justify taking up a roster spot.

None of us want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers give up on their former draft picks, but Isaiahh Loudermilk is in Year 3 and still isn't getting it. If he hasn't shown significant improvement by now, he probably never will. This player has become completely expendable.

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