3 Steelers players to watch in first preseason game against Buccaneers

  • A wide receiver looks to provide a spark to the offense
  • An starting offensive lineman will be playing to keep his job

Steelers, Calvin Austin III
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1. Dan Moore Jr., Offensive Tackle

We know that the starting left tackle job is going to belong to Broderick Jones at some point. This really isn't something that is up for debate. However, Dan Moore Jr. has made it abundantly clear that he is not going down without a fight. Despite constantly being there to help Jones with his technique after practice, Moore has no intentions of giving up his starting job.

Moore wasn't the type of player who needed a lot of motivation, to begin with, but if he didn't have it before, he certainly does now. Knowing that the job could be handed to Jones at any given moment on any given game this season, Moore will look to put together the best sample of play of his short NFL career so far.

In terms of size and traits, Moore has a prototype build and is a solid athlete. But that won't save his job from essentially being handed away -- probably at some point this season. How he responds to this challenge in the coming weeks will be very interesting.

Could he be a player who can kick to right tackle and compete with Chukwuma Okorafor for the starting job over there? Is it possible that Moore could take such a big leap in 2023 that the Steelers don't want to remove him from the lineup? The pressure is on Moore, and his future as an NFL starting tackle could be at stake. His performance in Tampa Bay for the Steelers' first preseason game will be huge.

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