3 Steelers who miraculously saved their jobs for 2024

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Mason Rudolph has saved his career beyond Pittsburgh this offseason

No matter how the playoffs end up, the Steelers have more questions than answers at their quarterback position. Kenny Pickett doesn't seem like the guy and he will be 26 by the time next season rolls around. Mason Rudolph has produced better games in the past 3 weeks than Pickett has ever done in his career. It says a lot about both Pickett and Rudolph when it comes to where they're at in their respective careers.

Pickett will remain the starter heading into next year for now. That could always change depending on who could be available for the Steelers this offseason for an immediate upgrade. That might be a stretch since Pittsburgh will hold a later round pick in the first round of the draft.

Perhaps Rudolph has earned another opportunity to have a legit shot at winning the starting job with the black and gold next season. He has played very well and has allowed the offense to move the ball effectively. He will command more money in the offseason based on the end of this campaign and deservingly so.

Rudolph was sitting as the third string guy both last season and most of this one. No one wanted him last offseason, and that is what led to him re-signing with the Steelers. He has earned another contract and more time in the league no matter if that's in Pittsburgh or elsewhere.