3 Steelers whose names are guaranteed to be in trade rumors this offseason

- Would the Steelers really trade Mike Tomlin

- Could the team ship out another wide receiver due to attitude problems?

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1. George Pickens

Like Johnson, George Pickens is a frustrating case for the Steelers. He is even more physically gifted than Johnson, as a bug bodied receiver, that has unbelievable ball skills, speed, and body control along the sideline. Pickens has been a walking highlight reel since coming into the NFL making highlight catches that wow fans.

However, Pickens is an extremely raw wide receiver still, as he has not proven he has a fully developed route tree, and there have been a few instances where he has stopped his route when his quarterback expected him to keep running. In addition to this Pickens seems to be potentially developing into one of the many diva wide receivers in the NFL, something that the Steelers are no stranger to.

Just as they traded Chase Claypool just ahead of the trade deadline last season, it wouldn't be surprising to see if the Steelers gauge Pickens' trade value this offseason. After all, Pickens will likely be more enticing to teams because he's young, still has two years of team control, and is immensely talented. If the Steelers can cash in on Pickens with some high-level draft capital, they will consider it, as the team has had success finding wide receivers in the draft over the last 10 years, and could replace him with someone younger, and with less drama surrounding them

While all three of these Steelers will be asked about in trade talks, there is no guarantee that any of them will be traded. The Steelers will keep at least one of Johnson and Pickens because they still need weapons for Pickett next year, and the future holds what will happen with Tomlin. While other Steelers may be asked about in trade talks this offseason, these are the three that the Steelers would get the most for, among assets that they might actually listen on.

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