3 superstars not named Jonathan Taylor that the Steelers must trade for

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The NFL trade deadline is never the biggest ordeal for teams. While some players inevitably get moved, the lack of a lengthy season usually means the majority of big trades happen in the offseason. That said, the occasional top-end piece can get dealt around this time of the year.

One of the biggest names currently on the trade block is veteran running back Jonathan Taylor. The Colts have shown no interest in paying into his demands, and he has yet to play this year because of it. He clearly wants out, and there is some speculation that he could be on his way to Pittsburgh.

The Steelers shouldn’t trade for Taylor

No, the Steelers shouldn’t make the move for Taylor. While their run game has been worse than many anticipated it would be, Taylor wouldn’t fix many issues. While he is a better running back than either Jaylen Warren or Najee Harris, the line has struggled at times to block and the scheme in general is poor.

While Taylor to the Steelers makes little sense, there are some potential superstars that could make their way to Pittsburgh. While a huge splash isn’t likely, this team needs an infusion of talent right now in the worst way. Here are three superstars the Steelers should trade for instead of Taylor before the deadline.