3 superstars not named Jonathan Taylor that the Steelers must trade for

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Steelers could deal for Antonio Gibson

While I am not in favor of the Steelers trading for Taylor, I would be interested in them acquiring Antonio Gibson. The Commanders running back had a quick start to his career, looking like a valuable weapon in both the passing and rushing game. Fast forward to this season and that is no longer the case.

Brian Robinson has taken on the role of lead back, and his more powerful style seems to fit what the Commanders need right now. While Gibson still has a role on the offense, it is fading fast, and with his contract expiring at the end of this season, Washington could be willing to move on from their former starter.

Many may be asking “Why a third running back?” when this team already features two talented backs on the team. The answer is twofold: Pittsburgh seemingly wanted to be a run-heavy team and feature all three of their backs before Anthony McFarland got hurt. Gibson provides a faster back that this backfield is lacking.

He should also be really cheap, and could likely be had for a swap of late-round picks. While the Commanders have been a relative surprise this season, they face a long road before they can be seen as top competitors. Gibson can also field kicks, which further adds to the value he brings. It would be a cheap deal, but a fruitful one for the Steelers.